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Politico Jennifer Roberts

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts gets in bed with Joanne to talk about the environment, voter restriction laws and seriously sweet boat cap'n hats.
NOTE: This episode was produced prior to Ms. Roberts elected to office.

Trump Trippin'

An excursion through the mind of Donald Trump.

Politics the Musical

It's a circus, it's a carnival, it's a farce. So why not make it a musical?

Roxy C. Morecox

There are two sides to every story..

You're Going to Kill That Child

Part of Minerva's story is our own. Jung would say that her story causes us to be seized by the archetype of the mythic Minerva, and to be so possessed pulls the mask off our own persona. We polarize. We are for or against her. We believe her or we don't. As in warfare, there is no middle ground.

It Can't Be That Bad

Does Minerva's story unmask something within ourselves--either the potential for abusing or being abused? These are not questions to ask her, but to ask ourselves. If we acknowledge the premise that E. Weisel made about Holocaust survivors that "the best of us did not survive," then perhaps we are nudging the door open toward some illumination of the Minerva phenomenon.

Lesser of Evils

Fact or Fiction?

Unpopularity Contest

Who is the most unpopular candidate? This game show will decide.