Web Series Gallery

Politico Jennifer Roberts

Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts gets in bed with Joanne to talk about the environment, voter restriction laws and seriously sweet boat cap'n hats.
NOTE: This episode was produced prior to Ms. Roberts election to office.

Inside Job (6 episodes)

An exciting series that takes you inside the former President's brain- chills and thrill galore!

Big Fat Rat in the White House (25 episodes)

Short animations featuring a resident rat of the White House who has his own take on the human residents.

Roxy C. Morecox

There are two sides to every story..

Minerva's Story (11 episodes)

Part of Minerva's story is our own. Jung would say that her story causes us to be seized by the archetype of the mythic Minerva, and to be so possessed pulls the mask off our own persona. We polarize. We are for or against her. We believe her or we don't. As in warfare, there is no middle ground.

Harold and Me • Season 3 (56 episodes)

A puppet runs for President!

The Election Zone (4 episodes)

Stranger than fiction, scarier than reality, it's The Election Zone.