Documentary Gallery

Timeline: History Transformed into Art

This is a unique story of a community working together to commemorate the founding of Charlotte's first electric streetcar suburb in 1891.
Winner of the Paul Green Multimedia Awardfrom the N C Society of Historians.

Backcountry Back Then

The Harvest Day Celebration at the Schiele Museum's Backcountry Farm in Gastonia, NC is a living lesson in history. Skilled re-enactors demonstrate an authentic 18th century version of our contemporary Thanksgiving, laboring by an open hearth, baking, and stewing a "grand fare" of traditional delights.

Liberty on the Border - Behind the Scenes

Charlotte Museum of History's staff and a host of volunteers work together to assemble the exhibit's many kiosks, video stations and display cases; dozens of artifacts, archival documents, broadsides and reproductions are carefully unpacked and examined before being put on view.

Charles O. Perry - Pure Form

The extraordinary artist Charles O.Perry, a sculptor, designer, inventor and architect who produced more than 100 commissioned pieces seen all over the world. He specialized in large public sculpture, but also designed furniture and puzzles.

Total Paint - Carl Plansky

Carl Plansky the abstract expressionist who stretched canvas with the de Koonings, Grace Hartigan, Milton Resnick and Joan Mitchell died in 2009 at the age of 58, leaving over 400 unsold works in his studio.

Making a Mascot

The step-by-step process of Grey Seal Puppets creating a mascot, a dog character, for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

Creation of a New Mythology

Five de Saint Phalle's sculptures take up residence on The Green, directly across from the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. Museum President and CEO John Boyer reveals what it takes to transport and install over 3 tons of outdoor sculpture.


A group of young guys in Charlotte's Plaza-Midwood neighborhood collect discarded bicycles, chop them up, and weld the parts back together to create extraordinary, one-of-a-kind bikes, some of which are tall enough to put the riders literally heads and shoulders above the traffic.