Special Event Gallery

Da Nathanson Code

A good friend was turning 60. His wife sent me a few dozen old photos to help me get started. Inspired by the best selling book "The DaVinci Code," I wrote a story in which the photos held clues to help solve a mystery.

I've Been Meaning to Tell You...

It's the night before the wedding. The young couple can't sleep. They're texting... last minute confessions, the little things they forgot to tell each other.

A Place for CoUSins

Close as sisters, my two nieces were never apart in all of their 18 years. Now their lives were to change radically. Interviews, still photos and video of them growing up tell a story that's more than just about their graduation.

I'm 4 Years Old

While living in New York, my wife and I became good friends with a couple and their first child who celebrated her fourth birthday with a visit to the Central Park Children's Zoo. A childlike poem accompanies the images.


A James Bond fanatic married my wife's sister so I immediately thought of a 007 theme for a video. I wasn't able to attend the wedding but had relatives use a flash video camera to capture what they could.

Selling Richard

Six spoof commercials for a 60th birthday.

Joan's Excellent Adventure

Joan's 80th birthday celebration took place on a chartered boat ride around Manhattan including champagne and cutting of the cake at twilight at the foot of the Statue of Liberty.

Joel & Maria's Wedding

Star crossed lovers tie the knot in Central Park followed by a reception attended by their hammy actor friends.