artifacts and photos

I can transform your aging irreplaceable photographs and artifacts into an entertaining story.

Romeo and Juliet

Even though I'm not your typical wedding photographer I am happy to take a unique approach to capturing the event on video.

Timeline sculpture

As a former producer/writer of programs for PBS I've produced numerous programs documenting everything from a stage production to the creation of a public sculpture.

An individual approach to every project.

No cookie cutter here. Every video has a custom-made look and feel. No two are alike.


See for yourself

Special Events

From a milestone birthday to a hallmark event, a one-of-a-kind video can make the occasion special.


Any video can provide a factual record or report but the trick is to shape that material into a meaningful and entertaining story.

Web Series

Write, shoot, edit, deliver- all in a day's work for producing video for the fastest growing popular media platform.

Character Profiles

The older generation has valuable stories to tell and requires making the subject feel comfortable and open.


More and more productions are relying on a mix of images and sound to augment the live theater experience.

Stage Show Promos

Short and to the point. A good promotional video has to grab attention quickly and leave the viewer wanting more.

Donald Devet
writer • producer • videographer • editor

Since I was 17 I've been producing videos. My love of the medium began in high school when I performed in a daily children's TV show, through my service in the military as a Broadcast Specialist in Korea, as an instructional television producer in Charlotte and then in New York City where I produced documentaries for PBS.

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My goal is to work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized, professional video that preserves memories for the future. - Donald Devet

Latest productions

Harold and Me • Season 3

A weekly series illustrating the absurdities that abound in the election process using a puppet running for President.

Eliza Lucas Pinckney

A short documentary mixing archival material with a live actor to tell the story of one of colonial Charleston's most influential female characters. Produced for Historic Footprints.

How does this work?

We will need to determine the scope of the work and agree on the outcome. If the final product is a video, you'll receive an HD production compatible with the web or DVD. Visuals can come from any number of sources, including images you've shot or accumulated, both stills and video.

I'll give you a price quote based on our "big picture" conversation. But be aware that even the best laid plans often change along the way. There are often changes and modifications in the process that we can't anticipate. These changes are almost always for the better, because the act of creation takes unexpected turns. The joy is in the journey.

Once all materials have been digitized and video recording completed, editing begins. We'll take a look at a "rough cut" as the project becomes honed and polished. The final product will be professionally packaged and easily duplicated for sharing.


  • WRITING: From scratch or revision, fact or fiction.
  • SHOOTING: In studio or on the go.
  • EDITING: Picture and sound finely sliced and seamlessly interwoven.
  • GRAPHIC: Logos or original photography.

Now Available on DVD

Harold and Me

Harold and Me Season 3

A puppet running for President! 57 episodes crammed onto 2 DVDs! That's over 3 hours of pure nonsense.


Timeline: History Transformed into Art

The story of a community working together to raise the money for, and commissioning a public art sculpture, something for the next generation to appreciate.

Pure Form

Charles O.Perry
Pure Form

The work and life of the extraordinary artist Charles O.Perry, a sculptor, designer, inventor and architect who produced more than 100 commissioned pieces seen all over the world.